Manuel Lopez
Apr 30, 2021
Learn how to make a mind map. Mind mapping tips and tricks, templates

Brainstorming strengthens our capacity to think critically and solve problems. It also enables thought-sharing on more than one project at a time.

Our Mind map PowerPoint Infographics lend themselves easily to such brainstorming sessions, giving you a way to come up with ideas without really worrying about order or structure. If you like to visually structure your plans but need help when it’s time for analysis and recall, these powerful PowerPoint aids come to the rescue.

Our infographics can help you get the most out of any thought process.

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is a diagram for organizing data visibly. It displays the interactions between different snippets that come up in a thought process.

It starts with a centralized theme placed in the middle of the page with other fragments of information stemming from it.

By dividing and further sub-dividing thoughts and ideas into various miniature branches, this infographic encompasses every aspect of the central theme and its sub-topics along with multiple ways to achieve it.

What Are Mind map PowerPoint Infographics Used For?

Mind maps are used mainly in the planning phase to brainstorm ideas - they display tasks, words, concepts, or items in a non-linear graphical arrangement giving users the ability to build an intuitive framework around the theme they are thinking about.

What would otherwise be a boring list of ideas can be turned into a colorful diagram that works well with the human way of doing things.

A study has concluded that presentations made using visual aids like our Mind map Infographics are 43% more persuasive than the alternative. Owing to this power, mind maps are used in case studies, problem-solving, and even to simplify complex ideas, breaking them down into easy-to-understand bits.

The Benefits Of mind mapping 

Mind mapping has many benefits when it comes to strategic planning. Here are the key advantages of using Mind map infographics:

Saves Time In Meetings

It works way faster than the traditional way of making notes. Instead of having to write vertically on a board or using multiple slides, you can sum up your entire idea into one slide. This saves time as you won’t have to wait for your audience to make their personal notes before you to move onto the next slide.

An Interactive Medium

Mind maps give you the ability to add on information even when in the middle of meetings. These encourage participation, and the audience feels a sense of recognition and appreciation when they see their input and concerns added to a slide.

Not only can they see their idea being validated, but also the connection it has to the central theme and other participant’s views and where it belongs on the map (whether close to the main idea or in a far off sub-topic) becomes evident instantly.

Easy To Maintain Focus

It is easy to keep everyone in the room focused on the theme when a mind map is in front of them. It keeps them losing focus when you switch slides or when the slide is filled with wordy statements.

Also, the branches and sub-branches are all visually connected, making it easy to understand how they are related.

Easy To Modify

Mind maps are mostly used in real-time – i.e., modified in the middle of a meeting or brainstorming session. Whenever a new idea comes along, you can always switch things up on the screen to make space for it on the map.

Portable Thought Process

Our Mind map PowerPoint Infographics make sure that your new ideas and sub-ideas can be saved with you, ensuring that your mind maps go wherever you go.

In short, it is a thought process on wheels!

Who Uses mind map infographics?

These PowerPoint infographics mainly facilitate mapping thought processes –making them an essential tool for those in creative or management fields.

For example,

  • Project heads can use these infographics to assign and clarify various duties related to a task. Team members get directions visually, take their criticism and comments and consolidate it with the presented ideas.
  • The stakeholders can use mind maps to understand the current and future plans of a company, and may even contribute ideas of their own during general meetings.
  • Creative heads can make use of these infographics to map out any new ideas they want to work on with their teams.
  • Mind map infographics can also assist teachers in creating presentations for interactive sessions with their students. It helps shape the thought process of the students and makes them better understand the concepts presented.

About our mind map PowerPoint Infographics

Mind map Infographics are flexible enough to be customized in any way you like – ensuring that color combination and the text placement can be according to your taste. These 30 extraordinary infographic slides give you the freedom to stage data in multiple ways so that it leaves a long-lasting effect on your audience.

This bundle of mind map PowerPoint infographics can intensify the impact of any strategic planning or interactive sessions that warrants a response from the audience.

In short, our mind map Infographics are a great choice for anyone looking to create colorful and memorable diagrams.